Clothing Care

To properly care for your garmets for HTV materials or Screen Printed see below. For longer durability please follow these steps.
  • Wait 24 hours before first wash
  • Wash inside out with cold water
  • Mild detergent
  • Tumble dry low (Hang dry is preferred)
  • Do not dry clean

If steps accidentally missed here is some corrections.


lifting occurs when the vinyl is exposed too high drying heat. The design can be easily corrected.

  • Place shirt on flat surface
  • Use a regular home iron with high cotton setting
  • Place a Teflon sheet or Fabric (Like a Bandanna) over the design
  • Iron over the design slowly in motion double check to see if design is adhered back into place
  • Wait 24 hours before next wash


Sublimation style tees are a vintage style. Half of Kordovas Tees are manufactured using this method.

  • Wash inside out with cold water
  • Mild detergent 
  • Hang dry recommended