Essential Collection

With the world being in the state that it’s in due to covid-19, businesses across the world big and small are having to make dramatic changes. This years events are something completely unexpected and none of us were prepared for...however we will get through this pandemic as we stand strong together.

The symbol of our brand the grizzly bear represents the meaning of strength and confidence. The bear is a powerful guidance spirit animal in many diverse cultures all around the world.

Where there is a challenge there is an opportunity! Here at Kordova we are moving most of our Signature and new Essential collection production in-house/in the U.S., Primary in our home town of Fresno CA,. We appreciate all of your love and support. We encourage everyone to stay safe during these times and we appreciate those Staying tuned for the great things we have ahead. Thank you!

- Michael (Mikey) Garcia 🐻

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